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If you don't want to take our word for it just ask one of the 68,000+ Real Estate Investors Nationwide that are using our software.

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Successful Real Estate Investors Know How to REACT

REACT Real Estate Investment Software gives Investors the edge to do an effective analysis of every real estate investment transaction. To maximize profits, successful real estate investors have a combination of skill, knowledge, and the right analysis tools.

REACT also includes tools to assist in the effective management of your Real Estate Investment Business and learn a few tips and tricks along the way. REACT is also cross platform compatible software and will load on your PC, laptop, tablet, or modern smart phone.

General Information i.e.; sq. ft., beds, baths, etc. on any Investment property is automatically imported into your software from county records for most residential and light commercial properties nationwide. Comparative Sales data is available for almost all properties in 38 states and in certain metro areas in other states.  Neighborhood and Demographics data is available to assist in your analysis for most major metro areas.


REACT will assist you in all Four Phases of the Real Estate Investment Cycle

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Real Estate Investors know that if you want to be successful with rehab properties, you have to FIND them, FIX them and FLIP them, FAST! The Project Manager in your REACT Real Estate Investment Software will increase profits by helping investors with the effective management of their rehab projects by cutting costs and keep your residential and light commercial projects organized on track.

REACT software includes: Lead Generation Tools, Property Inspection Tools, initial purchase and rehab costs, Comparative Sales data for residential and light commercial properties, Neighborhood and Demographics data, Potential income for cash flow properties, various monthly and annual expenses, multiple loan analysis amortizations with various loan contingencies, property appreciation schedules, annual tax advantages, tools for maintaining and the management of residential and light commercial cash flow properties and much more.

Your real estate investment business will only be as effective as your next good lead. Keeping profitable deals in you pipeline is crucial to your success.  The REACT Leads Service in your software allows you access to “Hot High Profit” deals that will be LONG GONE before they are listed by a realtor into the MLS.

Remember, over 68,000 Real Estate Investors Nationwide are using REACT software to take their Real Estate Investment Business to the next Level.

Improve your Knowledge on many Topics that are Relevant to even the most Seasoned Investor

The REACT Investment Education Center is a helpful tool whether you are a seasoned investor or just getting started in the business.  There are many videos on different topics including creative financing, how to Find and Flip them Fast, Investing in light commercial properties, filling your pipeline with leads and many more. There are full training programs on many topics like Adult Family home construction, Tax Lien Investing, Investing using your retirement account, and many more all with the ability to ask live instructors questions.  

Many Real Estate Investors forget that their Investment business is a business.  We have many videos on effective management of your business including taking advantage of the tax code and the most advantages way to structure your business.          

Your REACT software contains a full library of articles written by top real estate investors.  You will gain useful insight on how to fix issues faced by many real estate investors as well as tips and tricks to increase profitability.

Join the 68,000+ Real Estate Investors Nationwide that are using REACT software and you will see that REACT is simply the best Real Estate Investment Software for investors available today!

Education and Training

Often the difference between getting the deal done

and missing a Real Estate Investment Opportunity is how quickly an investor can make an informed decision. REACT Real Estate Investment Software gives you the tools for success.

What our customers are saying...

This real estate investment software is worth every penny I paid for it and more. I also want to applaud your customer service department because I needed to evaluate a multiple unit apartment complex and your people showed me quickly how to use the software to make a good decision on that commercial property. Thanks again for an excellent product and great customer support.

Dan Walters, Real Estate Investor, Beaumont, TX

I was impressed with REACT software for many reasons including the professional look and the ease of use. The layout is well planned, logical and features a tutorial videos, and help files for quick reference. Their customer support has been impressive with knowledgeable and congenial staff that are easy to work with. In short, I see a tremendous value and quality in the REACT real estate investment software and their customer support.

Donna Miano, Real Estate Investor Training, Boca Raton FL

I have been a real estate investor for over twenty five years and I think your investment software is the greatest invention since sliced bread! I have been an avid user of REACT for over 12 years and would not even think about using anything else. I love your constant innovation and your customer service ROCKS! Thanks again for the great product.

Tony M., Real Estate Investor, DeBary, FL

For the past 4 years, my corporation has had the pleasure of working with Clear Mountain Software. They have delivered excellent customer service and are very knowledgeable in real estate investing and in the REACT real estate investment software. Even the principals of the company go out of their way to make sure customers are given feedback on a timely basis.

Emilio Carrillo, Real Estate Investor, Pelham Manor, NY

Very informative and valuable. REACT covers just about everything you can think of for real estate investment analysis. Whatever your needs are, REACT has it right there at your fingertips. None of their competitors have got real estate investment covered like Clear Mountain Software and REACT.

Hans Scheel Real Estate Investor, Reno, Nevada

REACT will take your Real Estate Investment Business
to the Next Level!